The Film Department at the 58th Solothurn Film Festival

La vérité sur Alvert, le dernier dodo, Nathan Clément

The Film Department of the HEAD - Geneva is proud to announce the selection of numerous student and alumni films for the 58th edition of the Solothurn Film Festival, which will be held from January 18 to 25, 2023.

Nine Bachelor and Master films are selected in the Upcoming Talent section, which presents the up-and-coming student filmmakers of tomorrow. A three-person jury composed of Anne Delseth (programmer), Alessandra Gavin-Müller (scriptwriter and director) and Chantal Scheiner (producer) will award the SUISSIMAGE / SSA Emerging Talent Prize of 15,000 Swiss francs to one of the 24 films in competition.

Serafina, direction, image, sound, editing Anna Simonetti and Noa Epars (CH, 2022, 11’)

Between religious conversion and bike life, Alex and the bikers take us along in the pursuit of their passion.

Entre mer et ciel, direction Alicia Mendy, image Dylan Taher, sound Myra Thiémard (CH, 2022, 33’ )

A teenage girl takes refuge in her cellar after yet another argument with her father. In search of peace and quiet, she comes across a janitor who never stops talking to her. The latter is determined to tell her stories and starts telling them with fantastic turns.

Ramboy, directed by Matthias Joulaud and Lucien Roux, sound by Yatoni Roy Cantú, edited by Selin Dettwiler (CH, 2022, 31’)

On Achill Island, on the west coast of Ireland. While Cian hopes to spend his summer vacations playing soccer with his friends, his grandfather Martin sees it as an opportune moment to introduce him to work on the farm. A tender and dreamlike film about the patience required to learn and pass on a trade from one generation to the next.

Kome ptice lete (“To Whom The Birds Fly”), directed by Ivan Petrovic, edited by Camille Uliana, assistant director Yasmine Bahechar (CH, 2022, 20’)

As a family in Switzerland prepares to return to their native Bosnia, their relatives on the other side wait patiently for their arrival. This hybrid film oscillates between fiction and documentary and evokes a diasporic topology that confronts those who have left with those who have stayed.

La vérité sur Alvert, le dernier Dodo, direction, image, sound Nathan Clément, color timing Sylvain Froidevaux (CH, 2022, 17’)

On the island of Reunion, Lunet and his grandfather Dadabé try to transform a hen into a Dodo, whose magical feathers could save the boy’s mother, who is seriously ill.

Mountain Flesh by Valentina Shasivari, sound Marine Maye (CH, 2022, 18’)

As the hikers pass by, the village fountain gently laps and the church bells echo in the valley. But the idyll of summer is disturbed by recurring noises. Will the mountain come or not? As a mountain village loses its foundation, the crumbling becomes stronger and stronger.

The Ghost of Marioupol, direction, editing, image Marie Chemin, sound Yatoni Roy Cantú (CH, 2022, 10’)

Walking through the streets of the former Marioupol, Ukraine, we meet Andre, a man who has taken hundreds of photos of these neighborhoods and buildings, almost none of which have survived.

The Gods of the supermarket, direction, editing, sound Alberto Gonzalez Morales (CH, 2022, 8’)

At a time of “body positive” movements, this film pays tribute to the male body with which the director has a love-hate relationship. Both obsessed and frustrated by it, this ideal body represents an unattainable fantasy. Through a montage made from content collected on the Internet (netfootage), he addresses a message full of sincerity.

Le Misanthrope, direction, editing, sound Noa Epars (CH, 2022, 7’)

Captured and then released, a pike develops a fascination for humans.

Many alumni films are also presented at the festival:

Five alumni of the Bachelor and Master Cinema programs will also participate in the Upcoming Lab with a first film project in development after their studies: 

Rokhaya Marieme Balde - La Passion d’Aline (feature film, fiction)
Antoine Flahaut - Summer Nights (feature film, fiction)
Ivan Petrović - Permanent Passengers (short film, fiction/documentary)
Valentina Shasivari - La Perla (short film, fiction)
Youssef Youssef - Dopa (series, fiction)

The Film Department also participates in two round tables on archive images for the first and on editing for the second:

Following the Images, 21.01.23 at 14:30 :

Historical images have a particular appeal. Many documentaries and more and more fictions use them. How can this fascination be explained? We will try to understand how films and series use this material today, and what a contemporary interpretation of archival images might look like. We will also look at the political and ethical challenges that their use raises.
Moderation: Bertrand Bacqué, film historian and teacher in the HEAD Bachelor of Cinema program
Sylvie Lindeperg, historian

Tools not Rules, Unlearning editing, 23.01.23 at 15:15 :

Editing is part of the toolbox of a young generation that learned everything from online tutorials. Exchanging with professional editors teaches us that we need to break free from rigid principles.
Moderation: Giuseppe Di Salvatore (film critic)
Katarina Türler, Editor
Tania Stöcklin, Editor
Beatrice Gibson, Editor
Philippe Ciompi, Editor and teacher in Bachelor Cinema HEAD
Olivier Zuchuat, co-author of the anthology “Montage” 2018 and teacher in Bachelor Cinéma HEAD