The films of the Cinema Department at the 53rd edition of Visions du Réel

Ramboy by Matthias Joulaud & Lucien Roux

The Film Department of the HEAD - Geneva is pleased to present two world premiere Bachelor and Master films, as well as numerous alumni films, at the 53rd edition of the Visions du Réel festival, which will be held from April 7 to 14, 2022.

Ramboy by Matthias Joulaud & Lucien Roux (Master’s degree film)
Int. Medium Length & Short Film Competition - World premiere

On Achill Island, a predominantly sheep-populated island off the west coast of Ireland, Cian tries his best to train his grandfather’s sheep dog, Martin. While Cian hopes to spend his summer vacation playing soccer with his friends, his grandfather Martin sees this as an opportune time to introduce him to farm work. A tender and dreamlike film about the patience required to learn and pass on a trade from one generation to the next.

Le Thé et le Temps by Salah El Amri (Bachelor’s degree film)
Opening Scenes - World premiere

Between the walls of a prison, a man takes his time: to clean the floor, drink tea and tell his story. He recalls his childhood in the country and the sea that saw him grow up. Salah El Amri offers a troubling look at the deprivation of freedom, through a word collected in a remarkable temporality and chiaroscuro.

Fuku Nashi by Julie Sando (alumna Bachelor)
National Competition - World premiere

Yukie returns to her grandmother’s house in Japan after several years of absence marked by tragic events. In Fuku Nashi, the Swiss-Japanese filmmaker Julie Sando offers a moving encounter between two lonely souls, in an intimate story about identity and reconciliation, halfway between documentary and autofiction.

Périphérique Nord by Paulo Carneiro (alumnus Bachelor)
National Competition - World premiere

Director Paulo Carneiro, a fanatic of beautiful cars, goes to meet the tuning enthusiasts of the Portuguese community in Geneva. In a pop and urban universe, Périphérique Nord explores this common passion and the space of freedom it offers to exiles who seem to (re)find, at last, a territory of their own.

Sons of the Wind by Felipe Monroy (alumnus Bachelor)
National Competition - World premiere

Between 2002 and 2010, more than 10,000 civilians were killed by the Colombian army and thrown into mass graves - with the aim of illustrating the success of the offensive against the FARC. By giving voice to the families of the victims of a state crime that remains unpunished, Felipe Monroy signs a moving film that speaks out against the worst crime of all: forgetting.

La Cour des grands by Louise Carrin (alumna Master)
National Competition - World premiere

Sixteen-year-old Amadou, of Guinean origin, has just arrived in Switzerland. Far from his family, he must acclimatize to his new life and return to school in an integration class. Louise Carrin paints the portrait of a young man who must reconcile his migration journey with the trials and tribulations of adolescence, its joys and its heartaches.

L’îlot by Tizian Büchi (HEAD partnership)
Int. Feature Film Competition - World premiere

For some mysterious reason, two security guards are charged with securing access to the river in a Lausanne neighborhood populated by retirees and immigrant families. Through encounters, a territory takes shape, a friendship is built. Between documentary and fiction, Tizian Büchi stages a fable tinged with magical realism that subtly questions the surveillance society.

J’ai énormément dormi by Clara Alloing (sound teacher at HEAD)
Int. Medium Length & Short Film Competition - World premiere

A zany invitation into the studio of Swiss performance artist Johanna Monnier, who practices a form of therapeutic sculpture, using art as a band-aid for unspoken wounds. The film is like a journey mixing provocative poetry and eccentric malice. A portrait of beautiful sensitivity, innervated by melancholic questioning.