Colloque Montage : Forme de faire, manière de penser

Fragment of the montage of Alexander Nevsky by Sergei Eisenstein

The Cinema Department of HEAD - Geneva in collaboration with the Department of Modern French and the Centre interfacultaire en Sciences affectives (CISA) of the University of Geneva is pleased to propose, on Friday, November 20 and Saturday, November 21, 2015, an original reflection on the practices and theories of editing on the occasion of a colloquium entitled Montage – Forme de faire, manière de penser.

Conducted within the framework of a research project initiated by the Cinema Department of the HEAD - Geneva, which will lead to the publication of a unique anthology of texts on editing, this colloquium is the first of a series of events. The idea is to cross different perceptives (literature, art history, history and aesthetics of cinema…) as well as theoretical and practical. With this strong hypothesis: montage is not only the language of 20th century art, but also the way of doing and thinking of modernity!

The planned interventions will go back to the sources of Soviet (Antonio Somaini) and Hollywood (Marion Polirsztork) cinema, and will go as far as contemporary cinema (Bertrand Bacqué, Teresa Faucon), passing through modernity with Resnais (Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues), Marker (Serge Margel) or Pasolini and Godard (Cyril Neyrat). They will find foundations in anthropology (Teresa Faucon), echoes in literature (Patrizia Lombardo) and new applications in art history theory (Giovanni Careri). The practice will not be neglected since Olivier Zuchuat and Rodolphe Molla, in dialogue with Cyril Neyrat, will talk about specific cases: the editing of Comme des lions de pierre à l’entrée de la nuit (Olivier Zuchuat, 2012) and of Révolution Zendj (Tariq Teguia, 2014). The editing will thus be approached from all angles…

**Detailed program

Friday, November 20th
9:00 am: Jean PERRET (HEAD - Geneva): Welcome and introduction
9:45 a.m.: Patrizia LOMBARDO (UniGe): Montage as a form of thought
10:45 : Antonio SOMAINI (Paris 3) : The question of montage in Eisenstein’s theoretical work (1923-48) : cinema and art history.
12h00 : Marion POLIRSZTOK (Paris 8) : Cecil B. DeMille and the Spectacle of the Centuries : an experimentation of montage in American silent cinema (1916-1925)
1:00 pm : Break
14h30 : Giovanni CARERI (CEHTA-EHESS) : Montage / Caravaggio
15h30 : Cyril NEYRAT (HEAD - Geneva) : “What is a catastrophe ? Cinema edited with painting (Pasolini / Godard)
16h45 : Olivier ZUCHUAT (HEAD - Geneva) : Structural principles in the filmed essay - a “before” of shooting and editing

Saturday 21st November
9h15 : Teresa CASTRO (Paris 3) : Editing and thinking about images : an anthropological point of view.
10:15 : Teresa FAUCON (Paris 3) : About some contemporary gestures of editing
11h30 : Rodolphe MOLLA (editor of Tariq Teguia) in dialogue with Cyril Neyrat (HEAD - Geneva)
12h30 : Break
2:00 pm : Suzanne LIANDRAT-GUIGUES (Paris 8) : Archive editing and modern cinema
3:00 PM : Serge MARGEL (HEAD - Geneva) : Editing in Chris Marker’s Sans soleil
16h15 : Bertrand BACQUÉ (HEAD - Geneva) : Arranging the images of the century (The editing of archives by Yervant Gianikian and Angela Ricci Lucchi)
5:15 pm: Summary: B. Bacqué, P. Lombardo, C. Neyrat, J. Perret

The conference will take place in the projection room (RI 6) of the General-Dufour building, n°2.
Free admission