Kirsten Johnson

Kirsten Johnson studied Literature at Brown University before graduating from La Fémis. After two short films (dealing with female circumcision - Bintou in Paris (1995) and American surveillance in Afghanistan - The Above (2015)) and two feature films focusing on the American justice system ( Deadline (2004) and Innocent Until Proven Guilty (1999)), she achieved international recognition with Cameraperson (2016), which premiered at Sundance, was shortlisted for the Oscars and won three Cinema Eye Honors. Composed of rushes shot over several decades for various directors as director of photography. In 2020, her latest film, Dick Johnson is Dead (2020), produced by Netflix, offers a new experimentation with the cinematic device, this time in a more roundabout and humorous way, in order to exorcise fate - that of the dreaded death of her father. The film won the Sundance Award for Most Innovative Documentary Writing, the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Director and Best Documentary Film, and was shortlisted for the Oscars. In addition to her own films, Kirsten Johnson is one of America’s leading cinematographers. She has contributed to over 60 films.