Elina Löwensohn

Elina Löwensohn is a cosmopolitan actress. She crosses films, videos, photos, performances and plays with a pronounced taste for metamorphosis. She began her career in the 90’s on the New York independent theater and film scene and has collaborated with Richard Foreman and Travis Preston on several occasions. She also acted in more mainstream films such as: Schindler’s List (Steven Spielberg), The Wisdom of Crocodiles* (Leong Po-Chi) and the series Seinfeld. Her taste for performance leads her to work with certain video artists such as Marceline Delbecq, Tom de Pékin, as well as the filmmaker Bertrand Mandico, for whom she plays in several films. With the latter, she imagined a series of films and polymorphous creations, based on the idea of the mise en abîme of the actress-director relationship (a series of 21 films over 21 years) of which 9 short films were made.