Chief Operator

Céline Bozon

Céline Bozon is a cinematographer born in 1975 and a graduate of La Femis. From the outset, she has worked in the most demanding auteur cinema. From an early age, she was accustomed to working with directors like Jean-Paul Civeyrac, who linked the rigor of the frame to the precision of the mise-en-scène, and instinctive, travelling filmmakers like Tony Gatlif, who asked her to improvise on the shoulder. Today, she continues to appreciate these discrepancies, which she finds between Alain Gomis’ Félicité and Serge Bozon’s Mme Hyde. Céline Bozon is also co-president of the French Association of Cinematographers (AFC). Most recently, Céline Bozon shot images for Claire Simon’s latest documentary, Notre corps, out now. She also shot the image for a ghost film Sidonie au Japon by director Élise Girard. This film premiered in Venice and will be shown for the first time in Switzerland during GIFF in 2023.